In Construction, Time Is Money

By: Tiffany Hosey, Esquire, CEO/Founder CTBIM What is Big Data other than the collection of millions of data points at a fixed point in time? On complex construction projects it’s not hard to imagine the immense volume of valuable pieces of information created by project stakeholders. What building model does the Owner want? Data point. […]

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Cost Overruns. Schedule Breaches. Normal Costs of Doing Business? They Don’t Have To Be…

By: Tiffany Hosey, Esquire, CEO/Founder CTBIM & Keith Lashley, HKS Architects, Inc., Principal, Construction Administration, AIA, NCARB(CTBIM is patented in Japan, patent-pending in the US) The world has always been data driven. From banking to the automotive industry, computers and the digitization of information have transformed global economies. The construction industry lags behind most industries […]

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