Track your assets. Know contractor build activities. See accrued contractor earnings. Get a continuous, accurate project schedule. 

All accessible in near real time, from a single, integrated platform.

Case Study: A project requires the installation of thousands of doors, frames and hardware. The building model is created. Contractors receive building specifications, order inventory, receive deliveries, distribute hardware, install inventory and conduct quality checks. General contracts perform quality assurance. Invoices are prepared, submitted and approved. Change orders are negotiated. Normally, a migraine inducing process. But with


Receive actionable insights to prevent loss, minimize risk and have better managed facilities


Receive near real time, accurate “As Built” records


Generate near real time analytics on any aspect of construction progress


Receive an accurate, digital pay validation system


Better manage risks, analyze business processes and predict profitability

Whether post – disaster or after demolition, efficient debris removal efforts can improve safety and even save lives. The CTBIM Debris Manager introduces a new evidence – based approach to debris removal efforts, simplifying the process.

Our dynamic Dashboards show the quantities of debris collected and delivered; where its collected, when and by whom, and even includes contracting dollars earned for the work.

View all debris removal and transport data, in near real time, from a dynamic, user- friendly dashboard.



  • Web application in real time
  • Web accessible dynamic, customizable dashboards
  • GPS tracking
  • Time stamped photographic evidence of collection and disposal
  • Tracks budget dollars earned
  • Incorporates FEMA Truck Certification Forms*

*CTBIM Debris Manager is not endorsed by FEMA, The Department of Homeland Security or the United States Government



An evidence-based approach to construction

Our experience is grounded in the world of evidence.  The most reliable and valuable conclusions come from objective data points, fingerprints, that paint a picture of what transpired.  Information, undiluted by subjective opinions, can help stakeholders better understand why projects succeed and reach the desired return on investment and why others do not.  This information, or evidence, can provide insights into critical information like which contractors perform optimally, why estimated budgets vary from actuals and which best practices lead to more efficient results. 

BuilDATAnalytics is a portmanteauA new word out of three that explains exactly what we do.  During the BUILD of a structure, we capture the DATA points created by all contractors and provide project stakeholders with the ANALYTICS to maximize efficiencies.  We are an industry agnostic data analytics company…injecting an evidence-based approach to construction.