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Our Service

Before construction begins, we create a database of all assets, materials, equipment, budgets and schedule information for your specific project.

Track your assets. Know contractor build activities. See accrued contractor earnings. Get a continuous, accurate project schedule.

Your data accessible in real time, from an integrated platform.

How CTBIM Works

CTBIM is a mobile application that communicates through the cloud, real-time data from field crew to a robust web application accessible from any desktop.

Through the CTBIM mobile app, field crew access your project specific database to capture completed work activities. 

With 3 simple touchpoints, field crew capture real time work in progress data that is accessible, in real-time, from your desktop, located anywhere in the world.

Who Benefits

Owners / CMs / PMs / Owner's Agents

GCs / CMs / Architects




Facilities Managers

Our Story

An evidence-based approach to construction

Our experience is grounded in the world of evidence. The most reliable and valuable conclusions come from objective data points, fingerprints, that paint a picture of what transpired. Information, undiluted by subjective opinions, can help stakeholders better understand why projects succeed and reach the desired return on investment and why others do not. This information, or evidence, can provide insights into critical information like which contractors perform optimally, why estimated budgets vary from actuals and which best practices lead to more efficient results.

BuilDATAnalytics is a portmanteau. A new word out of three that explains exactly what we do. During the BUILD of a structure, we capture the DATA points created by all contractors and provide project stakeholders with the ANALYTICS to maximize efficiencies. We are an industry agnostic data analytics company…injecting an evidence-based approach to construction.

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Meet Our CEO

Tiffany A. Hosey, Esquire, is the Founder/CEO of BuilDATAnalytics and inventor of the company's CTBIM software.

I come from a family of real estate entrepreneurs. My grandparents owned scores of real estate during the throes of the segregated South. My Dad owned stores where my brother and I worked summers and learned early lessons in accounting and inventory control. After receiving licenses to practice law in D.C., Maryland, Virginia and New Jersey, my first career as a corporate defense trial attorney placed me in courtrooms almost weekly. It was there that my focus on facts and data was honed. It is a unique skill to see facts, make sense of them, then craft narratives that paint a picture. Facts tell us what has transpired and teach us those best practices to better plan in the future.

My second career was working in a new family construction company where I earned a Class A Contractor’s license in Virginia and became certified in Quality Control Construction Management by the Corps of Engineers. My work on construction sites proved to be the most valuable experiences that revealed an opportunity to innovate in this industry. When I talk to construction professionals, from financiers and developers to architects and contractors, there is a common recognition that the ability to identify paths that create efficiencies, which lead to expanded profit margins is an achievable goal. Through the collection of actionable, objective real-time data, we will tell the unique story of your project.

Education: BA – Georgetown University; JD – The George Washington University Law School
Japanese Language Proficiency

Affiliations: AIAU Faculty Member; Virginia Tech MLSoc Industry Advisory Board, Member

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